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Vance Hanna – USA

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Name: Vance Hanna

Location: SE Michigan, USA

Availability: Year round by appointment

Willingness to Travel: Have passport will travel

Programs Offered: Intermediate teaching. I do prefer students who have some knowledge of bonsai and are willing to listen and act upon concepts of styling and design.

Teaching Level: Advanced

Specialty: Deciduous along with conifers in USDA zone 5-6 are my specialty. This includes Ulmus (Zelkova), Acer (Trident) and of course P.Thunbergii along with Larix. and Juniperus Carpineous Korean (Hornbeam)

Languages Spoken: English, intermediate French/ Spanish

Best way to Contact: vancehanna [at] hotmail [dot] com

Bio:I have been interested in bonsai since my years in college. About 1968, in San Jose, California, I discovered bonsai. I mean the real thing at the Saratoga Shopping mall. I was on a “spin through” with my girl friend* and commented to one of the people sitting at a table how lovely the plants were, especially the flowering azaleas. That was it! Later at Stanford, as a student in the Product Design Program I would go for walks in the Japanese Garden near the Med Quad. Sitting for hours just reading or enjoying the view, I knew that I must be “around”this thing called bonsai. Needless to say, my earlier involvement with Alan Watts and Dr. McCullough, professor of Asian Philosophy at Cal State San Jose had prepared the way for my ‘christening’ in bonsai and just about all things Asian.. It was not until 1970 that I made the commitment. I decided that I would somehow “capture” these plants. Well, I have to say the first big move I made was running into the Four Seasons Bonsai Club at the Pontiac Mall in 1972 (Michigan). That was it! I joined immediately. The club was also in its nascent state. But, I must admit, there was knowledge to be gained by this method. One fellow in particular, John Eicholz took me under his wing and told me about the ‘growing bed’. If you don’t know what it is, ask This important. Having been runner up for the Ben Oki Competition, back in ‘91, I feel a slight kinship to the more professional community. I have won countless first and seconds at the Midwest annual show in Chicago for the last decade. Most recently, I was awarded the MABA award at Chicago in 1996, by David DeGroot for the Formal Upright, Shokan Juniperus Virginianna . In 1998, MABA convention in St.Louis, MO, I received the award for the entire eight state region. I have also been the three time recipient of the MABA award at my own home club, Four Seasons Bonsai Club of Michigan In ‘96 I won the people’s choice at Four Seasons by one, two, three and forth vote. Chosen as on of the four best at ABS in Milwaukee, see ABS Fall, 2002 David Rowe.
I have traveled here in the Mid America Bonsai Alliance region, the US and Canada doing both lectures and demonstrations regarding the art of bonsai. My philosophy regarding bonsai is fine bonsai take time.

Vance Hanna holds a BSID from Cal State San Jose in Industrial design and a BA in Art MA from Stanford University in Product Design

More about this Artist: I have worked with Kimura and Johnny Uchida (CA) during the MABA 2000 symposium in Detroit.
Originally met John Naka and took classes from him in 1972.
Create bonsai pottery and have several pieces in major collections.
Am an artist/designer and have works in major galleries.

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