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Mitch Boatman – USA

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Name: Mitch Boatman

Location: Ohio USA

Availability: limited but willing

Willingness to Travel: unlimited- provided that i can afford to travel

Programs Offered: Collecting yamadori and suiseki

Teaching Level: Intermediate

Specialty: Collected Specimens, mostly Deciduous trees, starting to veer into the world of conifers. Daiza making as well as suiseki.

Languages Spoken: English

Best way to Contact: wtcpatriot [at] yahoo [dot] com

Bio: I have been in awe of trees all my life. It was the year 2003 when my interests in the arboreal world took a great turn towards bonsai. I came across a Sunset bonsai book on sale at a local bookstore and purchased it. It all took off from that book. I found myself out in the woods all over my area, collecting different trees to experiment with. I made classic rookie mistakes and extremely regrettably so, but now it seems impossible to kill a tree cause I have learned a bit since then. I am now under the guidance of Mr. Rob MacGregor. I couldnt have had a better teacher than him. My bonsai focus area is all trees within the “Eastern Broadleaf Biome”, which is within where I live. It is known to some as the most endangered biome in the world. I collect suiseki anywhere I go if possible and I also make my own quality Red Oak daizas.

More about this Artist: Anything else anyone would like to know, please email me. I will be glad to hear from fellow bonsai artists around the world.

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