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Qingquan Zhao – China

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Name: Qingquan Zhao

Location: China (PRC), Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou (near Shanghai and Nanjing)

Availability: Year-Round

Willingness to Travel: Globally

Programs Offered: Demonstrations, lectures, workshops, critiques, judging of exhibits, private sessions

Teaching Level: Master

Specialty: Water and land penjing, Literati style, Forest

Languages Spoken: Need translator for Mandarin Chinese

Best Way to Contact: via Karin Albert, albert [at ] venuscomm [dot] com

Bio: Mr. Zhao (Brook) is an internationally acclaimed penjing/bonsai artist who has conducted lecture/demos, workshops and exhibit critiques for national and international audiences for over 25 years.

Penjing in the Water-and-Land style, a form that has become widely popular, is a form he pioneered in the 1970’s, and this form has since served as his signature style. He is also well-known for creating trees in the literati style. Throughout his long career, he has worked in many styles and with a wide range of tree material, both tropical and temperate.

His unerring eye for aesthetics and the gentle and sensitive approach Mr. Zhao brings to his art have gained him many fans worldwide. His lyrical landscape creations, deeply rooted in China’s literati culture, are reminiscent of classical Chinese gardens.

Mr. Zhao’s book “Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment” (Venus Communications, 1997) has been recognized as the classic on China’s ancient art of penjing.

More about this Artist:

More can be found in my book “Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment”
Art of Bonsai Gallery
Art of Bonsai Interveiw

One Experience with Qingquan Zhao – China

  • December 20, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Ruppa and Sujay Shah

    If we think of Penjing we cannot forget Mr. Zhao. He is a great artist and a very warm person. Sujay has experienced his warmth when he visited China and went to see Mr. Zhao’s collection. His book is a real source of ideas for penjing. we love his book a lot.


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