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Robert Steven – Indonesia

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Name: Robert Steven ( 江职宏 )

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Availability: By appointment

Willingness to Travel: Yes.

Programs Offered: Workshops, Demonstrations, Lectures,  Judging and Critique

Languages Spoken: English and Chinese

Best way to Contact: By emails : markamtr [at] cbn [dot]  or robertbonsai [at] hotmail [dot] com


  • Started doing and collecting Bonsai in 1979. Have permanent exhibit centre with over 500 Bonsai collection in wide variety of species.
  • Have won more than 200 competition awards nationally as well as international e.g.:
    • Entry Award of 2000 JAL World Bonsai Contest
    • Entry Award of 2000 Ben Oki International Design Award
    • Runner-up winner of 2001 Ben Oki International Design Award
    • Grand Winner of 2001 Certre Award International
    • Runner-up winner of 2002 Ben Oki International Design Award
    • Runner-up winner of 2002 Certre Award Competition
    • Entry Award of JAL World Bonsai Contest 2002
    • Runner-up of World Bonsai Contest 2003
    • Bronze Award of 2006 BCI Convention in China
    • Grand Winner of 2007 Certre Award International
    • The Most Original Design Award 2007 of KoB
  • Ex-Secretary General of Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF).
  • Education Department Head of ABFF.
  • Ambassador to Bonsai Clubs International (BCI).
  • BCI Board of Director’s member (2002-now) & Public Relation Committee Head.
  • International Bonsai judge doing domestic and international Bonsai judging
  • Coordinator of “ABFF Award – Ismail Saleh Trophy”, an international Bonsai Photo Contest.
  • Keen promoter of Chinese Penjing, Expressionistic & Surrealistic Bonsai styles.
  • One of the initiators and key-speakers of Indonesian Bonsai Art Discussion Forum.
  • Active in writing Bonsai and Penjing articles for newspapers & magazines and columnist for the Readers Forum in BCI’s Bonsai & Stone Appreciation magazine.
  • Expert Editor of Green Hobby magazine.
  • Editor of Knowledge of Bonsai Forums (
  • Editor of The Art of Bonsai Project (
  • Intensively travelling around the world conducting Bonsai and Penjing teaching, lectures, demos, workshops and judging including on national TV program.
  • First book “Vision of My Soul” was published in April 2005 in luxury limited edition had been one of the best seller Bonsai books sold out within 6 months. The second edition is just reprinted.
  • Second book “Mission of Transformation” has published and available at

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16 Experiences with Robert Steven – Indonesia

  • Robert is an exceptional artist with ability to also be entertaining and has a lot ofknowledge to pass on


  • Congratulations for your excellent work with bonsai!
    I love plants in general. I lead with bonsai for around 15 years.
    I intend to became a profissional on it to teach the beginners, too.


  • October 9, 2009 at 3:51 am

    Mr. Suyanto Banda Aceh

    Robert adalah seorang bonsainer yang memiliki imajinasi yang luar biasa, kolaborasi seni lukis dan bonsai serta seni pahat yang sangat serasi ditambah dengan indahnya kata kata dalam aluna syair………selamat…


  • December 10, 2009 at 5:15 am

    Ruppa and Sujay Shah

    We know Robert from 1999. We invited Robert in 2000 to Mumbai India. Since than we have met several times in Indonesia as well as at different conventions. We were also one of the speakers at WBC in Puerto Rico 2009 and were just flat by his UNIQUE demonstration.
    Recently we attended Asia Pacific Convention 2009 at Thailand and again very impressive Demo. He is very expressive and can explain very well with examples and gestures. His both the books are amazing.Many of my friends who read his 2nd book were unable to sleep that night as they were thinking about Bonsai!


  • December 10, 2009 at 8:46 am

    Mrs. Mangala Rao, INDIA

    I am a great admirer of Robert . I met him at NewDelhi and Washington. His Book vision of my Soul gave me a new dimension to work with my Indian Bonsai.


  • I started Bonsai in 2003 and still in my learning curve. Sitting at Robert Steven’s demo-lecture in Thailand two weeks ago was really a good opportunity for me to learn better approaches on bonsai artistry.

    His new book, “Mission of Transformation” is a pageturner. Inspiringly instructional – its a “must have piece” for all bonsai enthusiasts.


  • In November 2009, our bonsai club invited Robert Steven for a series of workshops, a styling demonstration and a critique of members trees.
    Robert has a different approach to bonsai from what we had been used to. He applied the principles of the visual arts (eg, sculpture, painting) to creating bonsai. It was confronting but stimulating.
    In the workshops, Robert encouraged the participants to forget their preset obsessions and to explore the character of their tree – the line and form. We now have a new way of looking at our bonsai and many members now have “transformation” trees.
    Robert used the demonstration to show his design process. He transformed a large field collected Hawthorn into a stunning windswept style. Everyone was extremely impressed.
    From our experience, I can say that Robert Steven is an excellent teacher and a very entertaining demonstrator. I would recommend him to everyone.


  • I am fortunate enough to have attended a number of Master Robert Steven’s workshops in Malaysia and also bought some of his publications. They are indeed an eye opener for me. His approach is truly artistic, combining the best of oriental practices and Western thinking (influenced in no small measure by Leornado Da Vinci ) and presenting them in an easy to understand manner.
    In life’s journey, there are highpoints and lowpoints benchmarkers and getting to know Sifu Robert Steven’s teachings is certainly one of the highpoints in my life.


  • Robert is an outstanding bonsai teacher, no wonder is called “The Master of Invisible Eyes”. His 2 books “Vision of My Soul” and “Mission of Transformation” are “must-to-have” classics.
    His skill, teaching technique and knowledge on Chinese Penjing is beyond the Chinese masters because he lives inside the 2 cultures, he senses the roman of the oriental and thinks the logical science of the west.
    He is simply different and brings new paradigm on many aspects of bonsai art.


  • Informative, instructive, brand-new concept to different perspective…what else I can say about Robert’s 2 books ? Truly Master-pieces !
    And his teaching technique is so unique, his approach on artistic and horticultural is so fascinating that makes designing bonsai so easy.
    On his hand, none of material seems impossible to turn into bonsai…and I like his critique method the best !
    He is certainly on the top of the list.


  • Robert Steven is not just a talented artist in our Bonsai world but a best friend of mine for many years and a mentor to his bonsai fans in Malaysia.

    He has been invited to our Bonsai competitions for the past years as a judge and to host seminars and demonstration workshops which are always fun to attend and alot of knowledge to gain on bonsai.

    A passion for the art of bonsai has him pen the Vision Of My Soul and Mission Of Transformation which are valuable tools for bonsai enthusiastics to create any material into a beautiful bonsai with its simple and direct approach techniques.

    With yours generous heart ,sharing your knowledge of bonsai to every one you meet has unite us all as friends.

    With your unconditional dedication to bonsai you are an inspiration to our bonsai members and they are always looking forward to your next visit to Malaysia.

    Keep on going,my friend.


  • Attended Robert Steven’s demonstrations and workshops held in Cape Town, South Africa at their ABC 2 International Convention. Robert is a very talented artist who captivates and entertains his audiences.
    Looking forward to having him back for ABC 3 in KwaZulu Natal


  • As a Robert’s Malaysian fan, only a short brief from me, “focus attention, drive performance”…that’s Robert.


  • Robert is the most popular bonsai “celebrity” and the “Most WANTED” bonsai teacher in Indonesia.
    His uncondition dedication to bonsai art has greatly influenced the whole image of Indonesian bonsai through his “Indonesian Bonsai Art Discussion Forum”. His unique talent in teaching has improved the bonsai quality throughout the entire country and I salute to his passion to travel around the country giving education on his own expenses.
    He is the best bonsai master in the world for tropical bonsai..known as “The Master with Invisible Eyes”.


  • Robert is unique. His training in Fine Arts gives him the knowledge of design. His communication skills are extraordinary.He uses his personality,sense of humour and command of language to educate and motivate the participants.

    You leave his workshops not with one transformed tree, but with the newfound ability to identify the potential in the rest of your trees.

    His two books are essential for anybody serious about bonsai and you should not miss the opportunity to attend one of his sessions I have traveled vast distances to do so and my expectations have always been exceeded

    Ron Povey Australia


  • Forget how good Robert is with the trees, forget how many demos and workshops he did all over the world, forget the books and the awards…try to forget all these amazing archivement of my dear friend Robert Steven but there is one thing you cannot forget about him: he is a man with a golden heart, a master who knows how to talk to people and make them understand the most difficoult concepts, he is so down on earth that he will surprise you with his will to learn for everybody at anytime.
    He is good with people and that makes him a real Master!


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